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Payroll accounting + certification

Our team of experienced employees is your competent contact for all payroll accounting and certification issues. By providing professional advice to the personnel department in the company or to external payroll service providers, we ensure that payroll accounting is carried out smoothly with regard to the special features of insolvency law. If necessary, we take over the complete payroll accounting for all industries and trades and prepare all necessary certificates. In the case of employee exemptions in opened proceedings, we check the claims of all creditors, calculate the differential wages and prepare certificates and notifications for employees and institutions. If desired, we take over the complete correspondence with all parties involved.
At the end of the proceedings, we determine the payment claims of the employees, the wage tax as well as possible social plan claims and prepare the wage tax returns and certificates. For all services, we can draw on many years of experience and maintain good contact with the institutions involved.


Our team - your partner

We at Graf Treuhand GmbH are a strong team. Our experience from many years of work and our highly specialised expertise add up to the success of our clients. We work on the implementation of your goals with passion and creativity.