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Support of liquidations

If the aim is to terminate a company, liquidation is an option. In this process, all assets of the company are sold and the capital is converted into liquid funds to be distributed to the shareholders.
Over the past 20 years, Graf Treuhand GmbH has advised and supervised a large number of liquidations of all legal forms, sizes and industries . We accompany you in all steps from the liquidation to the deletion of the company. In addition, we examine whether the respective company can be removed from the market more cost-effectively through alternative solutions (e.g. merger, accretion). Essential services in this context are: Preparation of a liquidation plan to determine whether the existing assets are sufficient to enable the company to be wound up in an orderly manner; fulfillment of the obligations under commercial law during liquidation (preparation of the current accounting, the liquidation opening balance sheet, the annual financial statements during liquidation and the liquidation closing balance sheet); fulfillment of the current tax obligations (preparation of tax returns in compliance with the regulations on liquidation taxation); support during tax audits.


Our team - your partner

We at Graf Treuhand GmbH are a strong team. Our experience from many years of work and our highly specialised expertise add up to the success of our clients. We work on the implementation of your goals with passion and creativity.