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Corporate planning

Corporate planning is one of the most important tasks of management. Without a planned approach, a company will sooner or later run into problems or at least fail to realize its profit potential.
Corporate planning in crises is even more important. For liability and criminal law reasons alone, management must have implemented corporate planning and constantly adapt it to changing circumstances on the basis of target/actual comparisons. With integrated corporate planning - consisting of asset, financial and earnings planning - management is in a position to identify the crisis in a timely manner and to recognize opportunities for reorganization, plan measures and determine their impact on the asset, financial and earnings situation.
At the same time, up-to-date corporate planning provides the basis for monitoring the existence of reasons for insolvency. This is an essential prerequisite for the preparation of reorganization concepts.
We would be pleased to support you in the implementation of corporate planning or suitable controlling instruments.


Our team - your partner

We at Graf Treuhand GmbH are a strong team. Our experience from many years of work and our highly specialised expertise add up to the success of our clients. We work on the implementation of your goals with passion and creativity.