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Preparation of redevelopment concepts

Restructuring concepts - also known as reorganization reports or restructuring concepts - are prepared for various reasons. As the basis for a financing decision in the company's crisis, as relief for creditors who agree to an installment agreement in the knowledge of the debtor's (impending) insolvency, as relief for the executive bodies in connection with criminal or civil liability aspects, as security for the restructuring privilege under Section 39 (4) of the German Insolvency Code (InsO) and Section 8c (1a) of the German Corporation Tax Act (KStG), as the basis for negotiations with stakeholders (e.g. in connection with capital measures or in the event of covenant breaches) or as the basis for the granting of public aid.
Standard 6 of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany e.V. (IDW S6) takes into account all relevant decisions of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH), so that the basis for a coherent and promising restructuring concept required by the BGH is created.
We will be happy to assist you in connection with the preparation or confirmation/audit of reorganization concepts in accordance with IDW S6.


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We at Graf Treuhand GmbH are a strong team. Our experience from many years of work and our highly specialised expertise add up to the success of our clients. We work on the implementation of your goals with passion and creativity.