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Corporate planning from the perspective of insolvency law

Both in regular proceedings and in self-administration, you as an insolvency administrator or self-administrator can only dispense with a planning calculation in a few exceptions. As an insolvency administrator, you must decide whether a continuation (reorganization or insolvency plan proceedings) will have a positive effect on the insolvency estate. Restructuring measures must be planned and their implementation monitored. In addition, you are obliged to constantly monitor the liquidity situation in order to ensure that the liabilities of the insolvency estate are settled. Business management planning is also essential for this. As part of the analysis of the ability to restructure or the identification of disposal options, calculations must be made regarding the earnings and liquidity effects that can realistically be achieved. In particular, corporate planning forms the basis of any insolvency plan procedure.
Our team supports you in the preparation of business planning calculations and the monitoring of results.


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