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Forensic services

In insolvency proceedings, you as the insolvency administrator are obliged to assert rescission claims and directors' and officers' liability claims. For this purpose, we evaluate analog and digital data for you. This concerns not only accounting data, but all business records including documents and e-mails. In addition, we prepare the assertion of claims for you.
Our services in detail:

  • Determination of the point in time of insolvency maturity using different methods depending on the case constellation (business appraisals according to IDW S11, determination of cessation of payments based on indications or evaluation of claim filings)
  • Payment flow analysis
  • IT forensic search for claim bases (insolvency avoidance, directors' and officers' liability, shareholder loans,)
  • checks on the suitability of reorganization concepts
  • Preparation of data for the assertion of claims


Our team - your partner

We at Graf Treuhand GmbH are a strong team. Our experience from many years of work and our highly specialised expertise add up to the success of our clients. We work on the implementation of your goals with passion and creativity.