About us

Graf Treuhand GmbH and its history

Graf Treuhand GmbH advises medium-sized companies and private individuals and focuses on the special area of tax and business management support for companies in crisis and insolvency administrators. We know: Developing and implementing strategies for crisis management requires creativity, courage and decisiveness. This is how we find solutions for the optimal business organization of your company.
Our specialized knowledge and experience are based on over 20 years of passionate commitment to our clients.
Reasons and triggers for business crises are individually different and manifold. There is only one chance for overcoming and successfully restarting: timely recognition as well as operative and strategic countermeasures. Our consultants develop reorganization concepts, support companies in implementing the reorganization and in raising the necessary funds. In doing so, we work together with a network of experienced experts.
Since its foundation in 1998, Graf Treuhand GmbH has grown to approx. 80 employees. As an owner-managed auditing and tax consulting company, we see ourselves as a partner of medium-sized businesses and place particular value on the personal support of our clients. As entrepreneurs, we are aware of our social responsibility.